When to Hire a Professional Organizer vs. a Home Stager

This one goes out to all you movers, shakers, and realtors. 

Let’s play fill in the blank.
Moving _____.

If you’re the one moving, I have some idea of how you’d fill in this blank.

A realtor would’ve probably written something way different, like “is livelihood.”

But an Organizer and a Home Stager would be like, “is a huge ordeal, with many moving parts, and is stressful but doesn’t have to be.”

When it comes to moving, along with your realtor, a Professional Organizer or a Home Stager will become your allies, cheerleaders and coaches, who are all focused on your success, happiness, and peace of mind.

But how do you know which one you should hire? Here are some guidelines, because when it comes to moving, the number of steps can either drive you crazy, or sail by with the breeze.

Some Questions to Consider:

1. How long have you lived in your house?

Less than 2 years = A Stager can most likely manage what you have.

2 or more years = An Organizer might be needed if you don’t regularly clean out/declutter

2. Is your house stuffed to the gills? 

Do you find yourself often saying things like, “We’re crammed! We have too much stuff! I’m going to set this place on fire!”

You need a Professional Organizer

3. Are you hiding clutter behind many closed doors, or just 1?

Many = an Organizer is probably needed

Just 1 or 2 = A Stager can likely help

Or, an easy way of determining whether a seller should hire a Professional Organizer or a Home Stager is a simple litmus test: Is this house ready for entertaining guests? Because if it is, then a Stager will do her magic by simply hiding personal belongings, maybe downsizing the furniture, and other magical feats like adding rugs, plants, and beautiful pieces. But if having dinner guests sends the home owner into “shove everything behind closed doors” mode, then selling is going to take more than a few spruces from Target.

The Stager’s superpower lies in their storage unit. They have furniture that looks good, that’ll make a new family say, yes, this house, this way, right now. They swap out what you have for what they have, and it’s mega transformative. 

But what a Stager doesn’t have time to do is actually organize, purge, and edit your belongings. An Organizer’s superpower lies in spatial relations, simplicity, and functionality. Their role is to get down, dirty, and in the face of all of your stuff, including closets, drawers, and cabinets. Behind-the-scenes, if you will.

Knowing which professional to choose leaves the homeowner better prepared for the move, and a satisfied client when the house sells on time.

If you or your client need a Professional Organizer to prepare your home for selling, check out our hands-on organizing service.

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Simple is easy, y’all. 

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