Are You Into DIY? Try Virtual Organizing!

What is Virtual Organizing?

During a virtual organizing session, you work with a professional organizer to help you make sense of the chaos in your space, all via a video phone call. You take the organizer through the area that you find so challenging, and the organizer uses her super-power-organizing mind to come up with solutions to your problems!

So, when you choose to go the virtual route, you’re choosing to do the physical work yourself, but you’re arming yourself with a wonderful weapon: me!

My brain is made of straight lines, measurements, and a creative logic. My heart is full of colors, prints, and dreams. Together, these qualities make me a really great organizer who has to sit on her hands in other people’s homes to keep from editing spaces and maximizing aesthetics.

Many of my clients feel embarrassed about their spaces, or guilty that they haven’t been able to keep their rooms tidy. But here’s the difference between the way you experience this mess, and the way I experience it: when you walk into your home/office and see your clutter, your mind hears a million stories. Each piece in the room has some agenda behind it, and usually a laundry list of reasons why xyz is a, b, or c. That’s why it’s hard to stay focused and motivated on your own.

But when I see that very same space, I just have a math problem to solve. I notice vertical space – and whether it’s been utilized – and how we can rearrange your furniture to accommodate the flow of the house. It’s a problem that I am there to solve. No stories in my head, and that means my mind is clear to get us right to the point. Let’s get organized, and get on with our lives!

Virtual organizing is also really great for people who have tried other solutions in the past but can’t seem to find out why none of them are working. When you bring in a fresh pair of eyes, you’ll finally be able to see the forest, because I can point out the trees. Can I use that analogy that way? I think you know what I mean. A fresh perspective is extremely valuable, and the one I can offer to you may be exactly the trick to get your gears moving again.

And last, but certainly not least, you can find solace in knowing that you can’t show me something I haven’t seen before. I mean, you might have a certain collection that is new to me, but your mess isn’t special, I’m sorry to say. Okay, it’s special but it’s not UNIQUE. I have seen hundreds of homes in many stages of chaos, and it turns out that everyone’s clutter is pretty similar. Even the stories are similar.

YOU are the piece that is one-of-a-kind, the piece I love most, and the piece that DESERVES to live a more ordered life that allows for more play time, more creativity, or more long (or short) naps. I love virtual organizing because I get to connect to your space through you.

I would love nothing more than to help you get there, wherever your “there” is.

I live in Austin, Texas, but thankfully I’m available to you via the magic of virtual organizing! Click here to learn how we can get started.