As professional organizers, we tend to geek out over All Things Organizing. So of course, we wouldn’t miss the new Netflix series “Get Organized with The Home Edit.” 

Like literally millions of other people, we’ve been following The Home Edit ladies, Clea and Joanna, on Instagram for quite a while. We sigh over their perfect pantries and signature rainbow style (ROYGBIV 4 eva). Their Insta feed is a feast for the eyes, and their attention to detail in every space is off the charts.

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As we were watching the show, we related to so much of what The Home Edit team does for their clients. Clea and Joanna offer some great organizing advice in every episode, and we wanted to highlight a few of our most-loved – and most-followed – tips!

Top Five Tips We Love from The Home Edit

1. “It’s a System”

Reese Witherspoon said these words in Episode 1 in response to her closet reveal, and we couldn’t agree more.

Creating systems is what organizing is all about; more specifically, creating simple systems that allow you to find what you need AND put it back. When we say simple systems, we mean that you should be able to access your items in no more than one or two steps (yes, opening a cabinet counts as a step).

Maintaining your systems – being able to put things back where they belong – should also be fairly easy. If you’re not putting things back, then your system isn’t working for you. Clea and Joanna embrace trial and error on the show, and you should, too! Sometimes you need to make a few tweaks before you find a system that’s right for you.

2. Get in the Zone

The Home Edit ladies are all about creating zones, and so are we! In episode 4, Clea and Joanna help a family of five better utilize their kitchen by creating zones for their most important categories, like vitamins and supplements, bakeware, and coffee supplies.

A zone is a group of similar items, or items that are often used together (for example, in a pantry or kitchen you might have zones for “snacks” and “baking”). Zones break up a larger space for easier organization, and they help you find what you need quickly.

3. Think About Accessibility

Your most-used items should be stored in the most easily accessed spots – your “prime real estate” if you will. Not only that, but the way you store things should be accessible.

In Episode 8, while organizing a pantry for country star Kane Brown and his wife, Clea and Joanna notice a problem with their current pantry setup: a tall column of Elfa drawers. The highest drawers were mostly out of reach and unusable, so they move the drawers down low. With far more function and accessibility, they use those drawers to store some backstock and items that Kane’s wife would need for their new baby.

4. Find a Home for Backstock

Speaking of backstock, your backstock items need their own home! 

“Backstock” refers to any surplus of products – like cleaning supplies, pantry items, beauty supplies, etc. – that are purchased as a backup for when you run out. It’s important to create a space for these items, whether in a cabinet, drawer, or even a separate shelving unit in a garage or storage room.

Doing this helps you a) easily find your backstock items and b) keep track of what and when you need to repurchase.

We often designate bins for backstock in pantries, much like Clea and Joanna’s team do for Jordana Brewster in Episode 7. It’s important to make sure backstock spaces are clearly labeled so you know to check them first for replacement items!

5. Streamline Your Closet with Hangers

Okay, this seems like a really basic tip, but using the same style of hangers in your closet is one of the easiest organizing tricks. You’ll notice that Clea and Joanna always streamline hangers in their clients’ closets!

Uniform hangers automatically make your closet visually neater. All of your clothes will hang at the same height, preventing them from looking jumbled or cluttered, and the right type of hangers – like these slim velvet ones – can even save space. Replacing hangers doesn’t have to cost a lot; you can find inexpensive hangers via Amazon or at a dollar store. It’s a small change that makes a huge difference!

*Feature image: copyright Netflix 2020

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