Tips for Tackling Your Toughest Organizing Project

The truth is, getting organized is hard. It doesn’t come naturally to many people. And so often, you know, life happens, and that organizing project you were going to start gets put on the back burner indefinitely.

Plus, some spaces are just downright intimidating. The garage, your closet, the kids’ toy situation – it can feel like A LOT, so no wonder we tend to put these projects off. But they’re always there, weighing on our minds. Every time we get in the car or open a certain door, we see it. And we’re reminded of the thing we know we should do but haven’t done.

It’s not a pleasant feeling, right?

At Moxie Space, we wholeheartedly believe that clutter and disorganization can have negative effects on your well-being. So, that lingering clutter in your home may be affecting you more than you think.

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning season, maybe it’s time to finally tackle that tough organization project once and for all.

But how?

Well, try thinking like a professional organizer. We’re going to take you through it, step by step.

How to Think Like a Professional Organizer

First, ask yourself some questions:

1, How do I want this space to look and feel?

It’s helpful to visualize the outcome you want before you begin.

2. How do I use this space, or how do I want to use this space?

What are your routines in the space? What are the items you use the most/least? Are there any items that don’t actually belong there?

3. What are my biggest pain points in this space, and why?

For instance, maybe it drives you crazy that the toy bins are a mishmash of random things. Is this because these items don’t have a clear, designated home? Or maybe no one’s actually using them?

Now, keep your answers in mind, because it’s time to sort your stuff.

Step 1: Take everything out. Out of drawers, off shelves, bring it all into the light. You can’t organize your stuff until you see what you have.

Step 2: Group your belongings into categories. Put like with like.

Step 3: Determine what to keep and what to let go of. Go for the easy wins first – get rid of anything broken, unusable, unloved, or any duplicates that you don’t need. Then take a hard look at the items that remain and edit where you can.

After you follow these steps, you’re left with the items you’re going to organize. Think about your answers to those three previous questions, and decide how best to arrange your space to meet your needs. Consider these tips as you move forward:

  • Find a logical home for each item. Creating compartments in drawers or using bins on shelves helps keep items in their spots.
  • Label, label, label! Labels are your friend. They serve as little reminders to you and everyone in your household of Where Things Go.
  • Keep your systems obvious and easy to use. When items are visible and solutions are simple, you’re more likely to stay organized.

Organizing any space in your home is a process, so give yourself time. If you need support, we suggest working with a friend, partner, or even hiring a professional organizer. But trust us, once it’s done, you’ll feel the biggest sense of relief!

Moxie Space is a professional home organizing service in Austin, TX. Need some help tackling your toughest organizing project? Book a free phone consultation today and let’s chat!
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