The Way I Work

The service I offer is pretty intimate. If you’re new to professional home organizing, be it in-person or virtual, it might seem strange to invite someone to come over and look into all of your drawers.

I totally get it.

And so I thought I might explain a bit more about how I work, and why I want to know what’s behind all those cabinet doors. 

First things first: you need to know that your mess isn’t all that special. We all got ’em. Organizing other people’s chaos is my JOB. Sometimes I see 10 houses a week that are all in various stages of disorder. I’ve seen it all! And I’ve learned that clutter doesn’t have a very creative agenda. It pretty much just repeats itself, over and over, and makes no mention of whose home it occupies or who has the gnarliest mess.

Clutter just does the same thing everywhere it goes: accumulates and stagnates.

So, when I start with a new client, I ask a lot of questions so that I can better understand who you are and where you want to go. These are the things that make your project unique – not the clutter. YOU are the interesting part of my job. If I can understand your morning routine, your system for bringing in the mail, or how you prefer to cook dinner (spice in the cabinet or on the counter? or Thai take-out?), then I can really help you.

My assessment of your routine and your goals stems from one purpose only: I simply want to know what makes you your best you, and what you need in order to make that happen. Because when you shine, you make others around you shine, and if we all shine, we make a better world. <—- Big, I know.

By showing me what’s in that drawer or cabinet, I can understand more about your habits, and what items you’re using most. It also helps me understand how the space is being utilized, which is like Organizing 101 when it comes to solving space issues. Plus, a very common occurrence when my clients open a cabinet that they would otherwise prefer to keep closed, is the realization they could probably get rid of half of what’s in there!

Step 1 is always to purge. My job isn’t to keep you blind to your clutter; it’s to bring it out in the open, so that we can deal with it and move on.

The next thing I’ll clarify is how different we all are when it comes to our things. Some people prefer to hold onto their memories, while others don’t second-guess tossing out the baby with the bath water. But everyone deals with clutter; even a minimalist had to pare down their belongings at some point.

My experience with my clients has ranged all over the charts. I’ve worked with all the ages, all the genders, and in so many different scenarios. For example: newly married, freshly divorced, deceased spouse, new home office, a baby on the way, preparing for a total remodel, dealing with a new disability, unpacking into a new home, etc. etc. No matter your stage in life, I am happy to work at whatever pace you need.

I’ll constantly be checking in with you, and gauging your reaction to our work to make sure you’re getting the most out of our time together.

This service is about Y-O-U. I am just the catalyst, with a love for efficiency.

And a final bonus: organizing supplies. Guess what? I love them, I know them, and I have strong opinions about them! Hooray!! No more buying dumb organizing products that you don’t know how to use, or that don’t quite fit, or that make you want to scream because of some minute, but mighty detail.

I LOVE helping you find the perfect products for your space – and I’ll never recommend shopping before we start, because that’s like buying a wedding ring without knowing the ring size, y’all. #winning.

What other questions do you have when it comes to working with me? Drop a comment below or reach out directly: contact [@] moxiespace [dot] com

Check out my testimonials to know what it’s *really* like to share your space with me!

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