The Organizing Products Professionals Love Most

Have you ever been curious about the organizing products professional organizers turn to again and again? Like, which ones are actually worth it? Well, wonder no more! The Moxie Space team is here to spill about their all-time favorite organizing products.

We totally geek out over functionality, and we love these products because they are super functional. You can use them in multiple spaces to organize a variety of items. They’re basically organizing powerhouses!

BTW, this isn’t a sponsored post – these are just products we use and love.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

My fave organizing products are bamboo drawer dividers. I like the bamboo because it looks nice, is good quality, and isn’t floppy like the plastic kinds. I use them to separate stuff in drawers; kitchen utensils, clothing, medicines, or hairdryers from curling irons. For deep drawers, you can buy the taller version or stack two of the regular size on top of one another. It saves height-space (is that a term?) sometimes to use drawer dividers instead of trays or bins. And when they match the interior of your drawer? All the heart eyes!

– Sara

Interdesign Linus Bins

I love The Container Store’s Interdesign Linus bins. They’re well-made, long-lasting, and super functional. Plus, they come in so many sizes – they’re great for any room and function. 

– Meredith

White Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf

I love a good shoe shelf. My favorite is this white mesh one (I use these in my own closet – they’re sturdy and you can stack as few or as many as you need!). Also, they’re not just for shoes. If you have a shelf in your closet (or anywhere) with extra vertical space, you can stick a shoe shelf up there for bonus storage!

– Breanna

5-Section Acrylic Collator

Vertical storage is key when organizing pretty much anything and everything, so I love the 5-section acrylic collator from The Container Store. The clear acrylic looks clean and will usually match any room. Plus, it’s so multi-functional. You can use it in the office and the closet – it makes clutches look AMAZING!

– Sarah

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