Happy New Year, friends! I am so excited to be heading into 2022 after a busy 2021. It feels like more and more people are discovering the real benefits of home organizing – namely less stress, better health, and more energy to do what you love. As a professional home organizer, I’m pumped about that!

One thing I personally love is the occasional Netflix binge, and Queer Eye is at the top of my watch list. If you haven’t watched the show yet (I mean, what are you waiting for?!), it’s all about helping people become even better versions of themselves, whatever that might look like. The show’s sixth season just premiered on New Year’s Eve, and this time the Fab Five are in Moxie Space’s beautiful home of Austin, Texas!

Bobby Berk is Queer Eye’s interior designer, and I especially love watching his segments on the show. He and his team take tired, messy spaces and make them over with the hero’s needs in mind. Many of the spaces he works on not only need a designer’s eye, but an organizer’s eye as well. And who doesn’t love a good home makeover?

In honor of the newest season and my obsession with home organization – and because I wanted an excuse to rewatch older episodes, obvs – I’m highlighting a few of my favorite Queer Eye moments when Bobby was on point with his organizing advice.

On Organizing with Kids
“Camp Rules” – Season 1, Episode 5

In this episode, we visit the Camps, a family of eight (!) living in a small home (and sharing ONE bathroom, have mercy). When the Fab Five arrive, they immediately notice the large amount of clutter in the home. The Camps are exhausted and overwhelmed because they never had a chance to set up their home properly. This family is in desperate need of some organization!

After a lot of decluttering (always the first step!), Bobby repurposes a large room that had been a catch-all space into an area for the kids. He designates cubbies for each child to use for their toys and school supplies. He even creates an easy system for tracking their chores, noting that kids crave structure and clear expectations.

Needless to say, the Camps are thrilled. You can see the relief on their faces when they return to an organized and functional home. It’s proof positive that regularly editing your family’s belongings and setting up simple systems is so important, especially when you have kids!

On Creating Spaces with Purpose
“Make Ted Great Again” – Season 2, Episode 8

When we meet Ted, the young mayor of a small town, he’s working out of his home. The problem is he doesn’t have a dedicated work space. Instead, he’s all over the house – the dining table, the living room – and it drives his girlfriend a little bonkers.

After some discussion with the couple, Bobby decides to repurpose an under-utilized guest bedroom as a home office for Ted. “You can combine your work life and your home life, but you need to be able to close the door on your work when you need to,” Bobby says. Whew, so true!

When thinking about your space, figure out if it’s really set up for the way you’re using it (or the way you want to be using it). Creating a zone or designating a space for certain activities (like working) helps not only with organization, but with focus and productivity as well.

On How Your Space Affects Your Mental Health
“Baby on Board” – Season 3, Episode 8

I especially love this episode because Bobby takes the hero, Tony, TO THE CONTAINER STORE! (And at Moxie Space, we have strong feelings about The Container Store.)

Tony’s house, which he shares with his pregnant girlfriend Bri and her young daughter, is in total disarray when the Fab Five arrive. Nothing has a place, Tony and Bri don’t feel ready for the baby, and clearly the situation has become too overwhelming for them.

In response to the clutter in Tony’s home, culture expert Karamo Brown says, “I can tell you what I see: this is literally you feeling overwhelmed.” And later: “This is a representation of everything building up in [Tony’s] mind that he’s scared to tackle.” SO MUCH YES. Clutter is often more than just stuff piling up. Clutter tends to represent something in our minds or lives that we’re not willing to face. Tony and Bri needed organizational help STAT.

Enter our beloved Bobby. While shopping together, Tony admits to Bobby that he’s been dealing with depression for most of his life. “Most people think, oh my house doesn’t affect my mental health – well, it does,” Bobby says. He shows Tony that creating systems and a clean, organized space can make you feel excited to do things with your life and your family, rather than immediately feeling down and defeated as soon as you wake up.

Bobby Berk may not be showing up at your door to help you organize your home…but the Moxie Space team can! If you need a little extra organizing support in 2022, call us, henny! We’re here for you.

*Feature image: copyright Netflix 2022