Pro Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

It’s such a good feeling to prepare meals for yourself and your family. But, with a cluttered pantry, you might be feeling more frustrated than fabulous. Pantries and food storage spaces are used by every member of the household every day, so it’s no wonder they can get out of control in a hurry!

Benefits of Organizing Your Pantry

If your pantry is looking a little neglected these days, now is a great time to get organized. There are so many benefits to an organized pantry, like…

  • You’re able to see what you have and what you need to buy, making grocery shopping a breeze
  • Foods are less likely to be forgotten and go stale, saving you money and reducing food waste
  • Cooking becomes way less stressful when you can quickly find what you need

Our Top Pantry Organizing Tips

Follow these tips to organize your pantry and make meal prep – and life – so much easier!

1. Take Everything Out. Seriously, take everything out of your pantry (yep, all of it!). Discard anything that is expired or stale. Give the shelves a good wipedown.

2. Group Like with Like. This is one of the biggest rules of home organization: sort similar items into groups and store them together. Use bins or baskets to contain and clearly identify these groups.

3. Create Access and Visibility. If you have small children, store their snacks on lower shelves so they can see and grab them easily. Store healthy foods at eye level so you’re more likely to see and eat them. Keeping everything visible is important; tiered shelves and lazy susans can be super helpful!

4. Maximize Your Space. Maximize the space you’ve got using cabinet shelves or undershelf baskets. And don’t overlook the back of the door or any extra wall space where you can install additional storage.

5. Decant? You Can! Decant bulk items into clear plastic or glass canisters with airtight lids. Not only does this help you take stock of how much you have, it keeps shelves neater and foods fresh for longer! You can also remove extra packaging to save on space and make items more accessible. For example, take snack bars out of their boxes and put them all into an open basket. So easy to grab and go!

6. Label, Label, Label. When multiple people are accessing one space, labels help everyone maintain the system. Label baskets and bins using chalkboard tape or clip-on labels. Keep category names broad (think “Pasta” or “Snacks” or “Baking”) so you don’t have to switch out labels too frequently.

Moxie Space offers professional home organizing services in Austin, TX and the surrounding communities. Book a free phone consult today and let’s chat about how we can help you!

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