It’s the best time of the year – summer travel season is upon us!

No matter where you’re traveling to, you gotta pack, right? And packing for a trip can be overwhelming.

What should I bring, how do I pack this, can someone just do this for me??

We feel you. It’s not the most fun part of a vacation, but you can make travel packing a breeze when you follow our simple tips. We’re even sharing a few of our favorite packing products to help you keep things streamlined and organized!

How to Pack Like an Organized Travel Pro

Pack based on your travel plans

Think about what you’ll be doing on your trip – places you’re visiting, activities you’ve booked, events you’re attending – and what would be appropriate to wear. Make a list if you need to! Choose clothes and shoes that can be mixed and matched to prevent overpacking (capsule wardrobe, anyone?). We love to lay out clothing on the bed or floor to see how many outfits we can create!

Compartmentalize as much as you can

Packing cubes or travel compression bags keep clothing and shoes clean, organized, and easy to find (no sifting through a stack of clothes to find that one shirt!). You can also stuff smaller items like socks and underwear inside shoes to save space.

For jewelry, we love this drinking straw hack for transporting more delicate necklaces! You can also wrap jewelry with pieces of press-and-seal wrap to keep those items from getting tangled, and place them in a small pouch along with your toiletries.

Bring activities for the kids

Pack small games and activities for kids in reusable pouches that can fit in a carry-on or backpack. This helps keep parts and pieces together so they’re easy to find and less likely to be lost.

Don’t forget about your laundry

Bring a canvas tote, plastic bag or small laundry bag for packing dirty or wet clothes. Folding those clothes, rather than wadding them up, in the bag will help save space on your way home.

BONUS TIP: Unpack as soon as you get home

Ok, maybe we sound like your mom right now, but part of being a travel pro means clearing out your suitcase and travel bags when you get home. Clear out dirty laundry, toss any trash, and clean empty containers. We like keeping all our travel gear, including travel chargers and small containers, in one place (for example, a bin in your closet or even inside your empty suitcase). This makes packing for your next trip much easier!

Moxie’s Favorite Travel Products

Here are a few of the travel products we use to keep us organized on the road or in the air:

Nalgene Travel Jars: Moxie Space-client approved to prevent leaks

Packing Cubes: Keep clothing organized and separated in your suitcase

Travel Compression Bags: great for organizing clothes AND saving space

Reusable Pouches: store games and kids’ activities without the mess

Hydroflask Water Bottle: perfect travel companion – bring an empty one to the airport and fill it up once you’re through the security line


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