In Defense of the Junk Drawer

This post was written by Breanna, a Moxie Space organizer!

One of my favorite organizing philosophies is “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Basically, it means that every item in your home should have its own home. This is key to being organized. If you’ve ever worked with a professional organizer, you know that we’re all about finding logical places for the stuff you own. Yes, a home for everything! we cry.

But you know what? I believe sometimes that home is the junk drawer, and there’s no shame in it.

Let’s face it, there are odds and ends in our homes that might not have a specific place (for example: twist ties and chip clips, small tools, rubber bands, spare change, extra safety pins). But these items come in handy occasionally, or it just makes us feel better to stash them somewhere and not think about them until we need them (or eventually toss them). Whatever, I’m not judging. My point is, a junk drawer can serve a purpose.

(You know, “junk” is such a sad word. Maybe we should rename it “The Miscellany Drawer.” It kind of sounds like a magical kids’ story, like, What new adventure awaits in…The Miscellany Drawer? If you think about it this way, that drawer becomes way more fun.)

I’ve noticed many of our clients will sheepishly point to their, um, Miscellany Drawers and mumble something like, “Yeah, I should do something about that…” They feel guilty for having a Miscellany Drawer. To all of you, I say, “Do not feel guilty!” Almost everyone has a drawer like this. (Confession: I have two.)

But here’s the thing: you can keep your Miscellany Drawer NEAT. It’s true! Drawer dividers and little baskets work wonders. Never underestimate the power of a storage bin! Your drawer might not be beautiful, but that’s not the goal. The goal is functionality and peace of mind.

Another tip is to cull your Miscellany Drawers regularly. Just a quick sort, tossing stuff you know you don’t need (old grocery receipts, broken pens, and expired coupons: I’m looking at you). It doesn’t take very long and keeps the drawers from overflowing (this is a great activity for your 10-Minute Tidy, #justsaying).

So feel no shame about your Miscellany Drawer. Know that it’s a part of your home that probably makes your life a little easier – and that’s a GOOD thing.

BONUS: Check out this clip of Sara Fritsch, owner of Moxie Space, sharing drawer organizing tips with Fox 7’s Lauren Petrowski!

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