If It’s the Thought That Counts, Why Do You Still Hate It?

When is the last time someone gave you a gift that you didn’t really like?

What did you do with that gift?

It’s really too bad that this happens. People are just trying to be friendly, or feeling pressured to never show up empty-handed, and the result is buying a lot of stuff that no one really wants. It’s worse when the giver actually put a lot of thought into the gift, and you, as the receiver, just. don’t. like it. It’s not your style, or who you are anymore, or maybe it’s just plain awful.

I wish I could say to everyone: “Stop with the gifts already. Quit buying things for people who don’t want them. We don’t have anywhere to put it anyway.”

A comedian had a great bit about never giving a guy flowers. He’ll get the flowers and feel the pressure to care for them. He’ll look at them like, “What, I gotta take care of this now? And what happens when they die, it’s my fault?”

That’s kind of what it’s like when you receive a gift that you don’t even want. “What, I gotta care for this now? I didn’t even ask for it.”

And BOOM. That’s the point. You didn’t even ask for it. 

So why should you keep it? Why must you burden yourself in order to protect the giver? Who’s suffering now? Why do we humans walk on eggshells for others but suffer ourselves all the while? Can’t we just be honest already? 

But sometimes it is better to protect our loved ones. Sometimes. I get it.

But for all those other times, let it go already. The point of receiving a gift is just that: receiving. Be grateful, say thank you, appreciate the time and effort and money put into the gift, and feel the love. You’re not meant to hold on to the thing for the rest of your life, or really for any amount of time! Just receive it. After that, adios amiga

Remember, I’m all about making a home that brings you peace and recharges you after a day spent in the outside world. Your home is yours. A reflection of you. If you’re holding on to some object that you don’t care for, you might consider what that does to your state of mind every time you pass it.

And if you think you’ll just put it in the closet so you don’t have to look it, I would advise you to think again (no, seriously, check out my post about how clutter affects our subconscious mind).

Care to share a story about a gift you’ve been given that was borderline atrocious? I would just love to know! 

Thanks for reading.