Did you know the months of December through March are the most popular for getting engaged? If you’re among the newly engaged this year, congratulations!

While we hope you’re able to take a little time to enjoy your engagement, we know that many people who want to have a wedding jump into planning mode right away. Your mind might be racing with all the to-do’s: finding a venue, hiring a caterer, shopping for a dress, making a guest list, and of course, setting up a wedding gift registry.

Tips for Creating a Mindful Gift Registry

Gift registries can be so helpful for couples just starting out, but they can also lead to plenty of regrets down the lineIt’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of registering for All The Things – a Star Wars R2D2 popcorn maker? Why not?! – but truthfully, much of what ends up on gift registries becomes clutter in people’s homes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can prevent clutter in your home by creating a mindful wedding registry. Before you pick up that scanner gun, follow these tips:

Consider the life you and your partner actually live.

Talk to your partner about what’s really important to both of you. Make a list of the items that you know will bring the most value and comfort to your lives. Don’t feel like you HAVE to register for something just because other people typically do! Which brings us to…

Don’t listen to other people.

Your mom, aunt, grandma, or best friend might have the best of intentions when they insist you’ll need twelve place settings and an extra set of fancy china, but what they want and what you want for your home might be totally different. And that’s okay! Trust yourself, and don’t worry about what’s “traditional” if it doesn’t resonate with you.

Reconsider asking for every kitchen gadget.

Kitchen gadgets are popular gift registry items, but they’re often on the list of registry regrets, too! Think about what and how you like to cook. Not big on baking? That bulky stand mixer is probably just going to gather dust on your countertop. And don’t get sucked in by specialty or single-use appliances! Think carefully about what you’re most likely to get a lot of use out of, and skip over the rest.

Donate your duplicate or older items.

Combining households means you and your soon-to-be spouse will likely have some duplicate items. Choose your favorites to keep and agree on what you’ll be replacing with your gift registry. Then, be sure to donate the duplicates and the items that get replaced.

Scrap the wedding gift registry altogether.

Yep, this is totally an option! More and more couples aren’t registering for physical gifts at all, but instead ask for donations to a honeymoon fund or a favorite charity. If you choose this route, keep in mind you might still get a few physical gifts (some people just can’t help themselves!), but you’ll likely receive far less stuff overall.

As professional organizers, we help our clients sort through the stuff they no longer use or never did – including plenty of items from gift registries. So, be mindful about your wedding gift registry, and give your future marriage the gift of a clutter-free home!

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