“Self-care” has been a buzzword for a while now, and for good reason. We all deserve to care for ourselves – whether that’s through moving our bodies, eating more vegetables, setting better boundaries, or just taking a nightly bubble bath.

But have you ever considered that organizing your home is a form of self-care?

Think about it: in this chaotic world, your home is the one space you have the most control over. It should be a refuge that supports your need to relax and connect with your family and friends.

But a disorganized, untidy home does the opposite! We’re learning more and more about the daily stresses and negative psychological effects associated with clutter. The truth is: clutter totally sucks, in more ways than one.

photo of a cluttered closet space next to an after photo of the organized closet
If our homes are a reflection of ourselves, then it makes sense that when our homes are in chaos, we are in chaos. Organizing becomes self-care when you recognize the impact your home environment is having on you and you decide to make positive changes.

Here are just three reasons why organizing your home is one powerful way to care for yourself:

#1: being organized saves you two of life’s most precious resources: time and energy

How much time do you spend hunting for your keys or rifling through a messy pantry at dinnertime? What else could you be doing instead? And how does this make you feel in your home?

You might not notice how disorganization is affecting you until you’re running late because your kids couldn’t find their schoolwork or you’re too frustrated to make a meal and you end up ordering out (again). But it IS costing you that precious time and energy in ways big and small, every day.

Getting organized means having functional and efficient spaces. No more wasting time searching for your belongings, way less stress overall – just more time and energy to spend on the things you love.

#2: an organized home is easier to clean

Real talk: disorganized homes tend to collect dust and attract pests, simply because it’s difficult to clean around clutter (which is already draining your energy and making you too tired to clean anyway!).

When you’re not having to move piles of stuff off of every surface, you’re able to clean more frequently, leading to a cleaner home overall. This has ripple effects not just on your physical health, but on your mental health as well. We’ve heard from clients who were too ashamed to invite friends over to their cluttered homes, which made them feel isolated. But once their spaces were organized and clean, they actually felt excited and couldn’t wait to throw a dinner party!

#3: organized spaces = more independence

“Mom, where’s my [socks/shoes/iPad/backpack/soccer gear/etcetera infinity]?!” Any of that sound familiar?

Without functioning systems in your home where everything has a place, you’re playing the daily “Where’s my stuff?” game, which isn’t really fun for anyone. More than likely, your family becomes dependent on you to know where everything is, and this can take a huge mental toll.

Which is why organizing your home actually leads to more independence for everyone in the household, kids included. When they can find their own stuff AND put it away, they gain confidence and YOU get a reprieve from having to answer a million questions a day about where everything is.

Our homes are such an important part of our lives, and we all deserve to have spaces that feel comfortable and functional. One of our very own clients recently told us that hiring the Moxie Space team to organize her home was the best investment she had made in herself in 20 years. We couldn’t have said it better!

Ready for some self-care? Let the professional organizers at Moxie Space help you transform your home! Book a free consultation today to get started.