The holiday season is fast approaching, which means lots of get-togethers with friends and family…and maybe a teeny bit of stress, amirite?

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering this year, you probably want your home to look fab without having to spend a lot of time or energy (because really, who has those things right now??).

As professional home organizers, we like to focus on making the most impact in an efficient way. When prepping for the holidays, we might ask ourselves:

Which spaces will be used the most, and which tidying tasks will make hosting easier?

If you don’t have time to tidy up your whole house before your holiday gathering, concentrate on these three tasks for maximum impact (and if you need extra motivation, take a tip from our 10-minute tidy guide: set a timer)!

Tidying Task 1: Kitchen/Pantry/Fridge Clear-Out

We all know that the kitchen is where it’s AT during the holidays. Not only are we cooking and baking up a storm, but somehow everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen!

Start by doing a quick inventory of your pantry and refrigerator. Toss anything that’s expired or unused and make room for the fresher food.

Now is the time to clear your countertops! Even if you have to store certain items temporarily in a spare room or closet (wherever guests WON’T be), having clear countertops is not only more functional for major meal prep, but reducing visual clutter will make your kitchen look so much neater.

Clear countertops = more room for holiday baking!

Tidying Task 2: Entryway/Coat Closet

Walking straight into a messy, overcrowded space isn’t the most welcoming feeling.

Do a quick cleanup of your entryway and coat closet to make space for guests’ belongings. Move your family’s coats, shoes, and bags to another room for the time being. Give the space a sweep and a quick dusting if needed, and you’re done!

Tidying Task 3: Outdoor Area (OR Living Space)

Living in Texas means it might be 70 degrees on Thanksgiving Day, so spending time outside during the holidays is always a possibility. But a dirty patio isn’t inviting for anyone!

If your guests might venture outside during your gathering, spruce up your patio or deck with a sweep or powerwash. Wipe down any outdoor furniture and clean off or flip cushions.

If outdoor time isn’t happening at your house, focus your efforts on tidying your living room. Are there magazines or papers lying around that you could toss? Kids’ toys you could move elsewhere? The more clutter you can remove from the space the more comfortable your guests will be!

In the Austin area and need some tidying help this holiday season? The Moxie Space team is here for you. Book a free phone consult today!