As a society – heck, as humans! – we love free stuff. We’re often tempted by “free” offers from retailers. You know the ones:

Get your FREE gift with purchase!

Buy two, get one FREE!

Or maybe, on our evening walks, we’ll see items left on the sidewalk after someone’s cleaned out their home with a sign that proclaims “Take me, I’m free!” and we just can’t say no. We think, Free is just too good to pass up!

Getting something for nothing feels like we’re beating the system, doesn’t it?  That’s why it’s so hard to resist “free.” We’re told free is the best deal, we’d be silly to turn down free.

It’s free…but is it really?

when free stuff isn’t actually “free”

Sometimes, free stuff is great. When it’s something we actually need or truly want and we get it for zero dollars? Well, that’s just golden.

But often, free stuff isn’t actually free.

We pay for it with space in our already cluttered homes, with time spent maintaining it, and with a heavier weight on our minds.

Free stuff isn’t free when we don’t really need it, when it brings anxiety, overwhelm, or adds to the disorganization in our homes. (This includes gifts, too!)

The next time you have the opportunity to get something for free, pause for just a moment. Ask yourself, Is this something I really need or love? Do I have a place or use for this in my home?

If the answer to either of those questions is no, then the “free” thing isn’t really free after all.

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