The Moxie team has seen our share of closets big and small, well-designed and…not-so-well-designed.

Many of our clients struggle with closet design challenges and finding functional and beautiful ways to store their clothing and accessories. As professional organizers, we’ve got a few go-to solutions for making the most out of a tricky closet.

Read on to learn more about the five most common closet woes and how we solve them!

Closet Woe #1: No Shoe Storage

It’s amazing how many closets don’t have adequate – or ANY –  built-in shoe storage. What’s up with that, home builders??

If this is your struggle and your shoes are ending up in piles all over the closet floor, adding some simple shoe racks to your space is a must. We look for shoe racks that have ample height between shelves and are able to support different kinds of shoes, from flats to heels. A few options we like:

Need even more shoe storage? Don’t ignore the back of your closet door! Over-the-door hanging shoe organizers are especially great for flats, sneakers, and flip-flops.

Closet Woe #2: Lack of Overall Storage

Is your closet feeling a little cramped? Whether you’re just dealing with a small closet or a single builder-grade clothing rod, there are ways to maximize the space you’ve got!

As organizers, we have to first suggest editing your clothing to make space for what you wear and love the most. And don’t underestimate the power of a seasonal swap; consider if there are other areas of your home where you could store some of your off-season items.

One of our favorite ways to save space AND create a streamlined look is by using slimline hangers. You’ve got options, from flocked, to acrylic, to rubberized, but no matter which you choose you’ll be amazed at how much space these hangers can create in your closet.

Another great way to create quick storage: Elfa mesh closet drawers. These are perfect for storing smaller items like socks and boxers, or for folding sweatshirts, pants, pajamas, you name it. You can add as many as you have room for to create the extra storage you need.

Closet Woe #3: Piles of Hats

From baseball caps to big floppy hats, it can be tough to store and display these items properly.

A simple fabric bin can be a good solution for baseball caps; you can even hang them using purse hooks or boot clips.

For larger hats, hat stands make a pretty display and keep your hats from getting squashed or misshapen.

Additionally, if you have any available wall space in your closet, Command adhesive wire hooks are your friend! Make a wall display of your favorite hats so they’re easy to see and grab.

Closet Woe #4: Storing Purses and Totes

Don’t let your lovely handbags just sit in a floppy pile! There are a few solutions we love for purses, totes, and clutches.

If you have hanging space, purse hooks (like these or these) are great for totes and purses with longer straps.

If you have shelf space, a handbag storage bin can help corral and protect your bags. You can also stuff your floppier handbags with paper or purse shapers to help them stand upright on a shelf.

And for smaller clutches and wallets, we are always using this acrylic organizer for keeping them neat and visible!

Closet Woe #5: Messy-Looking Shelves

Are your stacks of sweaters, tees, and jeans jumbling together and driving you crazy? Sometimes just the visual clutter of shelves can make a space feel messier than it is.

Containing items in bins can help you keep categories together (easier to find stuff!) and makes your closet immediately look a whole lot neater. Plus, you can toss clothing in bins when you don’t feel like folding, and it still looks good.

These are some of our favorite bins for closets (fabric or fabric-lined bins are best for preventing damage or snags):

Just be sure to measure the depth, width, and height of your shelves to make sure you get the right size.

If you prefer to see your clothing, shelf dividers can help delineate categories and keep stacks upright.

Need some extra support creating the closet of your dreams? Book a free phone consult today and let’s chat about how we can help you!