When organizing your home, a few key products can make your space more functional and easier to maintain.  However, the cost of organizing products can definitely add up, especially for larger spaces like garages or kids’ playrooms.

Don’t fret! There are plenty of budget-friendly home organizing products if you know where to look.

tips for buying the right organizing products

But first, a few tips for buying the right products so that you don’t waste money on products that don’t work for you.

1. Edit and sort your stuff. Before you buy anything, declutter your space. Go through your belongings and remove any items you no longer want to keep, then sort the rest into categories. You’ve got to know what and how much you have before you can properly store it!

2. Think about how you want to access your items. Do you want to keep items visible, or put them away in cabinets or drawers? Do you prefer open bins or containers with lids? Consider other members of the household as well, and go for the simplest solutions (“simplest” meaning it shouldn’t take you more than 1-2 steps to access or put away an item – and yes, opening a cabinet counts as a step!).

3. Measure your spaces. Make note of the height, depth, and length of your shelves, drawers, cubbies, etc. so that you don’t end up returning a bunch of things that don’t fit (#beentheredonethat).

where to find budget-friendly home organizing products

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite sources for more affordable home organizing products to help you get organized for less!

the container store

It’s no secret we love The Container Store, but many of their products are on the pricier side. However, there are a few basics that we use over and over again because they’re relatively inexpensive and incredibly useful:

Multipurpose Bins ($3.99-$6.99): These bins are great for just about every area of the home, from the garage, to under the sink, to the office. We use them all the time, everywhere!

Plastic Bins with Handles ($2.99 – $5.99):  Clean-looking and versatile, these bins are another great option for creating storage anywhere in the home. They come in multiple sizes and colors, too.

Our Shoe Box ($2.19): Talk about a powerhouse product! This little shoe box isn’t just for shoes. We’ve used it in bathrooms, playrooms, craft rooms, and everywhere in between. Great for categorizing and storing smaller items, we love that the entire product, including the lid, is made of clear plastic so you can instantly see what’s inside.


The old joke about going to Target for two things and leaving with a cartful of stuff is funny because it’s true! And their organizing solutions game is strong, so we can definitely fill our carts without blinking. Here are just a few of the affordable organizing products at Target that we love:

Bamboo Flatware Organizer ($12): A must for organizing your kitchen drawers! Beautiful bamboo looks elegant and comes at a great price.

Brightroom Space-Saving Velvet Suit Hangers ($15.00 for a 30-pack): Switching out your mismatched hangers for these velvet ones really does save space, and streamlined hangers make your closet much less visually cluttered.

Brightroom Wire Shelving (various sizes and prices): Industrial-style shelving can be expensive, but Target sells a more affordable option that works so well in garages or storage areas.

dollar tree (or your local dollar store)

Don’t overlook the Dollar Tree for fantastic deals on storage baskets and bins, as well as drawer organizers. They’ve got a ton of options, all for $1, so you can organize several spaces in your home even on a tight budget.

your own home

The most budget-friendly organizing product is the one you already have. Spare baskets and decorative trays can help corral clutter on surfaces. Tupperware and empty shoe or gadget boxes make great drawer and shelf organizers (spruce them up with some pretty wrapping or contact paper). There’s no rule that says you have to buy new products. Let your creativity shine!

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*Images via The Container Store and Target. Header image via The Container Store.

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