As professional organizers, we have the unique experience of seeing a lot of different people’s homes – and all of their stuff – every day of the week. So, you might imagine that we’ve noticed a few items that tend to become clutter in most homes.

If you’re wanting to create a tidier, more organized home, we’ve got tons of ideas (just check out the rest of our blog!). But maybe right now you’re looking for a quick way to lighten up your countertops, cabinets, and drawers, rather than a full overhaul of your space.

10 things to declutter right now

If that’s the case, here are ten of the most common clutter culprits we see in our clients’ homes. Are any of these lurking around in yours?

Junk Mail

We see so much junk mail scattered across surfaces, and there’s just no need to keep it! Toss it in the recycling bin. Bonus points if you start filtering it out from your mailbox immediately and never even bring it into your house.

Empty Boxes

That’s right, we’re looking at you Amazon and Apple electronics boxes. Break ‘em down and recycle these bad boys.

Expired Medications

Open up some space in your medicine cabinet by getting rid of expired meds. Be sure to dispose of them properly. Pharmacies like Walgreens have medication disposal kiosks at many of their locations.

Takeout Utensils/Chopsticks

Be honest: do you ever use these? If you do, just keep a few on hand for when they’re needed. Many restaurants are now giving you the option to decline utensils with takeout orders, which is a great way to prevent them from piling up!

Takeout Menus

Same deal as above – you probably don’t need these! Most restaurants post their menus online, so you can recycle paper menus.

Magazines & Catalogs

If they’re just lying around not being read or used, recycle them already!

Paper Copies of Paid Bills

You likely do not need to keep these as you can find digital copies online if you ever need to reference them.

Cosmetics or Personal Care Products

Yes, makeup and personal care products can expire! If you’re not going to use it, let it go. New/unopened products can be donated or you can offer them to your local Buy Nothing group.

Craft Supplies

You might have had the best of intentions with that craft project, but if it’s been months or years and you haven’t done it? Well, someone else can benefit! Craft supplies can be given to schools or afterschool programs, listed on Buy Nothing groups, or donated to local organizations like Austin Creative Reuse.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Oh, the overflow of reusable bags we’ve seen taking up cabinet space and covering pantry floors! It’s time to pare down. Pick the ones you love and use the most, toss or recycle the rest.

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