When it comes to decluttering and simplifying your home, a few small steps can make a big difference.

Below are 10 simple ways you can start to simplify your home today. Now, “simple” doesn’t always mean “easy” (although some of these tasks could be pretty easy for you!). But, you can start with just one if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or choose a few that resonate with you. Just remember: consistency is key!

10 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Home

1. Unsubscribe from retail newsletters and email promotions as they show up in your inbox. They’re just tempting you to buy more stuff, and stuff = clutter!

2. Start a new daily habit: The 10-minute Tidy.

3. Discard all expired or unwanted items from your fridge and pantry. Make it a goal to do a quick check/purge regularly (for example, as you’re making your grocery list).

4. Put a donation box near your front door (or one in every room) and drop in items you no longer use/need as you come across them. When the box is full, take it to the nearest donation center.

5. Go through your junk drawer and discard items you don’t need.

6. Get rid of all the lingering stuff you’re only keeping because you don’t know what to do with it (this blog post can help!).

7. Set up a system for sorting incoming mail. Use a file sorter so you can easily see what you need to act on and what you need to file/save. Recycle or shred the rest!

8. Sort through your closet and remove items that no longer fit or you haven’t worn in the past year. Bag them up and take them to the nearest Goodwill

9. Teach your kids how to put their toys and clothes away. Make a game of it! Don’t aim for perfection, just aim for DONE.

10. Practice gratitude for your lovely home and your belongings. Feeling grateful for what we already have helps prevent the accumulation of stuff we don’t really need!

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